National Park Galicica

In the National Park Galicica we are promoting several activities and they are:

  • Promotion  of Hiking Tour  quiding   in  the   National  park   to  the  point  from  where   it  is  posible  to  see  both  lakes  Ohrid  and   Prespa  lake
  • Promotion of Jeep Safari Tours  organizing  jeep  safari  in  the  National   park
  •  Promotion of Mountain Biking Tours
  • Promotion of Paragliding
  • Promotion and visiting traditional villages  around  Ohrid   area with traditional kitchen
  • Promotion of cultural heritage around Ohrid  lake and quiding   to  the  monastery Saint Naum and Holly Mother-Zaum  with  profesional   quide  historian  of   art  or  Archaeologist
  • Promoting of  Pelikan  Iceland on Prespa Lake.  organizing   visit   of   Pelikan   iceland
  •   further  detailed information  and  reservations   can be   finded  via  contact us.  or  you   ca  use   whats  app  on  00389 78 998 235