The history of Ohrid Tourist Association Biljana

 Tourist Association Biljana is a re-eastblished subject in the field of tourism and hotel services, that exists since 1970.

The spectrum of activities of our association is large and wide. Because of that we will present you a small part of our activities.

  • ¬†Accomodation in Ohrid city and shores of Lake Ohrid, villages, mountains, camps
  • Introduction with culture, history, tradition, cultural, reliigious and material riches
  • Eco tourism
  • Introduction with traditional way of life, food and cooking
  • Promotion activities about tourism in Ohrid
  • Organizing a visit of the cultural manifestations in Ohrid which includes visit of Ohid Summer Festival and Balkan Festival of folk song and dances, art galeries and art exibitions in Ohrid and musical concerts
  • Organised visits of cultural and historical monuments and localities in Ohrid, Struga and Prespa region
  • Monastery tourism and organised visits of churches and monasteries
  • Visits of museums and archaeological localities
  • Mountain tours in the Galicia National Part, mountain paths, picnick tours on Galica
  • Fore more informations about our activities please contact us