Archeo Park Raica Monastery a Roman bath 2 sent.a.c . and early Christian basilica 6 sent, a.c.

The historic towns and places strive to be dynamic centre of
regional economic development and attract cultural tourism
visitors, where tourist’s may combine their stay with variety
of activities, visiting places of historical and cultural interest.

At the same time We have process of preservation, revitalization
and promotion of Cultural heritage. Therefore willingness and capability of investing in Cultural heritage places is necessary.

Tourism is one of the most important sector of the European
economy. Europe is the most visited region by the International
tourist’s because of cultural richness of its countries. Europe has more cultural sites inscribed on the UNESCO world list than any other part of the world.

Sustainable future is reality.

There are the new sustainable tourism light houses that are appearing
across the world every year, places that have already proved to be
sustainable tourism case studies and successful stories.

Sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting historical and cultural
places as a tourist destination and possibility to make a positive
impact on the environment,society, and off course economy.

Tourism can involve local transportation, accommodations, entertainment,
recreation, and lot of services necessary for tourist-visitors.

Social and economic aspect’s all every one are involved in Tourism
process; government stakeholders, owners, transport operators, community
services, local community industry, every one is responsible for
achieving the goals of sustainable tourism.

In Our case We have a historical complex an Archeological settlement
in Ohrid city- the most visited tourist city and the best
tourist destination in Our country.

Complex that consist of two different buildings different by the
historical periods , structure, historical and cultural valuation.
First is Early Christian Basilica building with a big dimension’s
15,00x 26,00 m with Architectural elements of Early Christian spiritual
buildings, with artefacts who are presenting Early Christian period
5 -6 th century after Christ.

On the floor of this building there are original mosaics, for the
first time founded 450 meters sc. Space with original mosaics
Second building is a Roman bath with unknown dimensions
also with architectural elements of Roman bath, rooms, with bath tub,
with system for heating, and transferring hot water, a building from
2 century after Christ.

This two archeological places or this Complex is located on the
best visited part of Ohrid Riviera the monastery Saint Naum, place
with most historical and spiritual valuation.

In the same time this Archeological complex have position to be
in the National Park so We have here combination of Historical
complex in the National Park combination of Historical values with
natural values.

So the question now is How to achieve sustainable tourism goals
remains in this Historical and Tourism complex and How impact them
in Tourism process.

Sustainable future of this Complex is realistic and possible.
Stakeholders like Ministry of Culture and local community are supporting
this process of tourism development of this Complex and every year
with a small financial support they are contributing to this development
of this complex.

Archeological excavation are in process every year but for the mosaics
it is a question of financial support because they after opening they
need to be conservated and ready for presentation.

But this financial support is not enough for development of this complex
because it need to be finished Tourism logistic element for better promotion
of Historical Cultural and Tourist aspects of this complex.

Therefore we are presenting this problem in this Conference with
a hope that maybe for this Complex we can make a project who will be supported.

The tourist and visitors are visiting this complex and they want to
explore more and more because as J say before We have here two
Historical and Cultural periods Early Christian period 5-6 A.C. And
Roman period 2 s A.C.

So the main question here is How much We like profesionals We are
ready to present that Cultural, Historical heritage to the visitors and
from economical aspect to provide Sustainable development of this

We are sure that Tourism like field of work is providing a posibilities
for sustainable development of Historical and Cultural Heritage and Here We want to make a contact between Historical – Cultural Heritage and Cultural Tourism in that way we will provide Sustainable Tourism development of this Complex.

Archeological and Tourist complex Raica in the future can provide
economical contribution to the local community, will provide a new
working places , social aspect also will be develop, opening Tourist info center, tourist quides, logistic, at the same time we have preservation and promotion of Cultural Heritage, and this Complex will contribute to the local community with economical benefit.

This Sustainable Tourism at the Archeological complex Raica is possible only with You’r support , therefore We are asking to give Us a chance to make this complex like nice example of Sustainable Tourism in this part of Europe